In the eighties, in California, Shawn Stüssy launched his own brand, originally aimed at surfers. The brand was based on Shawn’s felt-tip pen, which came from his uncle’s signature. Stüssy sold T-shirts in the Laguna Beach parking lot from the trunk of his car. In 1984, Frank’s friend joined Shawn, and from then on the brand embarked on its world-conquering journey. The nineties were the golden age of the brand. This is where the brand intertwined with different musical trends. Musicians from Hip-Hop, Grunge and Drum & Bass have also often chosen it as their favourite clothing brand. Nowadays, the renaissance brand is chosen in an extraordinary way by the brand that appears in stores. Their American headquarters will judge each outlet individually and determine which pieces of their collections may be available in that area. For this reason, also due to the extremely strong limitation, it is a great honour for our team to enjoy the trust of the brand and to meet the pieces in our offer from season to season.